Thursday, September 13, 2012

NYFW - Calvin Klein

It's been such a fantastic week of fashion that New York has given us that I'm quite sad to see it go.  Even though we have London, Milan, and Paris to look forward to, there's just something about New York fashion that speaks to me and I think this year's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week has been the best in quite a while.

So to say goodbye to New York Fashion Week in true Ladylike Chic style, it is only fitting that we present Calvin Klein's Spring/Summer 2013 collection as our pièce de résistance...

Today Calvin did what Calvin does, making ultra-sophisticated pieces made to look beautiful on a woman's body.  He took his understated glamour to a bit of a sexy level with some gorgeous tailoring around the more suggestive parts of a woman's figure.  This is the kind of sexy I can get used to as it's suggestive, not vulgar.  And he still managed to keep his signature aesthetic at the forefront of every piece he designed.

This was one of the few shows that had absolutely no pop of color in it and, to be honest, it was nice to see something different.  I think the mark of a true artist is being able to create something beautiful out of a blank canvas and Calvin's collection was certainly a masterpiece in this regard.

I want to thank all of my very loyal readers for sticking with me during this very busy NYFW and I hope you all have enjoyed the posts as much as I have.  I'll be writing my full trend report exclusively for Cincy Chic, so check it out this weekend.

Have a lovely night!

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