Sunday, September 9, 2012

NYFW - Thakoon

Sometimes when I'm looking at so many fashion shows in a row, even my fashion-loving eyes start to glaze over a bit.  At this point in the week, it takes something truly striking to capture my attention.  So when I saw the first dress from Thakoon's new collection pop up my screen, my eyes went wide.  "It looks like a bird cage" was the only thing I could muster.  And flipping through the rest of this 34-look collection only elicited oohs and aahs from me.

I adore the modern garden feel of this collection, imbibing birds and florals into the looks without ever feeling too girly or ladies who lunch.  And the black paisley-esque print was a welcome nod to floral without actually being so.

Finally, in terms of the color, Thakoon managed to use almost every color under the rainbow, but in small doses, all set against backgrounds of white and black.

Beautifully designed and simply presented.  Thank you, Thakoon.  

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